Size Guide

Unsure of your size? well look no further!... 

Finding the correct Underwear size can be tricky and can change depending what store you visit. However, in order to purchase the correct Bralette, it is essential that the item fits correctly! 

Please see below information on how to measure yourself!

Please measure just under your bust where the underbanding of a bra would sit- directly under your bust. The tape should be very snug and fit comfortably. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. If the number gained is even, add 4 inches to the total: if the number is odd, then add 5 inches. The total will be your correct underbanding size. 

e.g- If you measure yourself to 25 INCHES + 5 INCHES =30 INCHES. This means that you would need to purchase a size 30 band! 

If you are still unsure of your size, please get in touch!