About us

With Love Lilly is a unique Lingerie and Nightwear boutique where are all garments are designed and made in Britain. We offer a made-to-order custom made service on all garments sold exclusively via our store!
Here at With Love Lilly we do not follow the crowd!
We specialise in creating luxurious and comfortable delicates for all girls who want to feel one of a kind. Our mission has always been to create a brand that all girls can love and relate to: Whether you are the student, the laid back chic, the worker or the housewife; all garments are designed with every woman in mind. Since starting our business over 1 year ago, we have been overwhelmed with the response and custom we have received from our customers.
We will continue to create fresh ideas like no other brand.
With Love Lilly is making its mark and a brand that no girl can live without…
Our Spring 17 Lingerie Collection launches on the 1st March 2017- We would like to take the opportunity to thank the great team who helped bring our visions to life. 
Photographer: Talia White
MUA: Rachel Leigh Smith 
Model: Erica Correa